Refrigerant recovery unit IRU-520S

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  • Ergonomic and portable design makes it to carry and use. 
  • Indicate pressure and vacuum so you know when recovery is completed.
  • Self purge feature can be used to purge the moisture, contaminants and excess refrigerant from the system after each use.
  • If the pressure goes above 38 bar, the system will shut itself off for safety off for safety.
  • Capable of recovering all commonly used CFC, HCFC, and compatible with all refrigerant oil.
  • Rugged, Molded case for maximum protection from damage during transit and normal handling.
  • Heavy duty industrial grade condenser and cooling fan for maximum performance in even harshest conditions.

Model: 520S 
   Cat. III: R-12, R134a, R401C, R-406A, R-500
   Cat. IV: R-22, R-401A, R401B, R-402B, R-407C, R-407D, R-408A, R-409A, R-411A, R-411B, R-412A, R-502, R-509
   Cat. V: R-402A, R-404A, R-407A, R-407B, R-410A, R-507

Wydajność Odzysku:

   Cat. III:

  • vapor: 0,46 kg/min 
  • liquid: 3,14 kg/min
  • push-pull: 9,28 kg/min
  • recycling rate: 3,14 kg/min

  Cat. IV:

  • vapor: 0,5 kg/min
  • lliquid: 3,62 kg/min
  • push-pull: 11,14 kg/min
  • recycling rate: 3,62 kg/min

    Cat. V

  • vapor: 0,52 kg/min
  • liquid: 3,7 kg/min
  • push-pull: 12,44 kg/min
  • recycling rate: 3,7 kg/min

Product Details

220 - 240V 50/60HZ
Max. Current
6A@50Hz 12A@60Hz
1HP AC, Capacitor start
Oil-less; air cooled; Twin-piston style
High pressure shut-off
38 bar/550psi
Low pressure shut-off

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