R449a (10kg) Refrigerant with Cylinder

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Refrigerant R449a(10kg) with a reusable cylinder. 

When purchasing a refrigerant, we require you to send an F-gas certificate or a resale statement. 


R449a refrigerant:
- 100% legal
- sealed
- contains all the necessary markings
- the price also includes a reusable cylinder

Application: Commercial refrigeration and industrial direct evaporation. Supermarkets: centralized storage systems, distributed systems, rooms - refrigerators / freezers, chillers / condensing units, independent systems

Type: Zeotropic mixing
Composition: R-32 / R-125 / R-1234yf / R-134a
wt%: 24.3 / 24.7 / 25.3 / 25.7
Temp. boiling at 1 atm: -46.0 ° C
Temp. critical: 81,5 ° C
Temperature slip: 4K
ODP: 0
GWP (AR4): 1397
ASHARE safety class: A1
Recommended oils: POE
Filling level (kg / l) *: 0.90
Temp. use: low and medium

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